“Quality” often times has different meaning to different people – but at CMS it simply means providing the best value to our Customers through:

        1. Consistent on-time delivery

        2. Product specifications and performance consistently delivered per Customer requirements

        3. Best commercial offering (lowest cost)

        4. Post-delivery support (be available to our customers 24×7)

        5. Continuous improvement

At CMS our goal is to provide our customers with un-paralleled Quality through rigorous product Design & Development, use of “best in class” manufacturing facilities domestic and international and compliance to internal and industry standards to ensure products are delivered on-time per customer specifications. Building on our core experience of customized product development for service companies of all sizes, and leveraging from the Supply Chain expertise gained during these developments, we are able to optimize value through use of manufacturing facilities that offer proven quality and reliability at the best cost. 

Product Development, including Verification and Validation, is in compliance to internal procedures and standards in accordance with applicable industry technical standards such as API-11D1/ISO 14310 (Packers/Bridge Plugs where we have successfully developed multiple “V0” validated packers) and API 19AC/ISO 14998 (Completion Accessories). 

Manufacturing is performed at dedicated machine shops that are qualified based on capabilities/performance/cost for the specific operations required. All parts are 100% dimensionally inspected and materials are traceable and verified compliant to CMS and industry specifications. 

All assemblies undergo final verification via dedicated Assembly Verification Procedures including inspections and testing. 

CMS is confident that our experience and resultant processes and procedures will result in performance that consistently delivers product per customer requirements. We are continuously evaluating our Quality System and suppliers to further optimize performance, reduce cost and minimize risk.